Kevin Bulla

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Stein Entertainment Group
TJ Stein/Colin Harper
Los Angeles/New York
(p) 323-822-1400
Namour David Heidi Saman
Bereave Police Station Cop Vago Productions
Rebound Supporting Dir Megan Freels
Joyful Noise Supporting Todd Graff
The Bitter End Lead Stellar Films
Camp Supporting(uncredited) Todd Graff
The One You Marry Supporting RiverWide Productions
P.B.I. Lead Alpha Omega Productions
What's Your Problem Supporting GreySky Films
The It Factor Lead Bravo Networks
One Life to Live Recurring ABC
Kings Featured U5 NBC
The Fugitive Chronicles Featured U5 A&E
Aisle 11 Lead Carl Ford/Susan Batson Studios
Zip Code Lead MorGold Productions
Sidelines Lead MorGold Productions
As The World Turns Featured U5 CBS
Guiding Light Featured U5 CBS
Good Morning America Day Player CBS
The Today Show Day Player NBC
The View Day Player Comedy Segment

 Susan Batson : Susan Batson Studios

Roberta Wallach: Privates

Bob Krakower: On-camera

Ted Sluberski: TV/Film

Member of One on One Production NYC


Special Skills

 Track&Field, Soccer, Basketball, Surfing, Volleyball, Horseback Riding, Bowling, Writing, some Spanish, Accents.